Assessment & Feedback e Grid and Lecture Capture: Matthew Dean

Dialogues of communication between the teacher and student have been enhanced via the e Grids used within Matthew’s courses.  This on-line method enables students to receive faster formative assessment feedback and encourages greater reflection and communication on progress. It enables the process of feed forward formative assessment and reinforces stronger learning relationships.

Matthew is an innovator in the use of Lecture Capture in the development of on- line course material which is available for students. This is effective for developing inclusivity and giving new students access to course content prior to starting.

However, he includes a useful evaluation of his teaching methods, asking the students to identify the value of methods used.  From these results he surmised that e learning is not a preferred learning style for 15% of the students. However, although the majority didn’t prefer lectures, they did think that they were useful. Therefore, continuing with a mixture of face to face and traditional learning styles is necessary despite the popularity of e learning.


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Matthew Dean

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