Mind the gap: Heather Conboy

Heather evaluates the use of Data analysis in terms of improving student engagement and staff interaction with their progress. She identifies that learning analytics which monitor journey through a course can support student understanding themselves as independent learners.  She warns against it being a system of just indicators for problems, but says data needs to be used to develop an effective communication system with students, ensuring adequate feedback and support for independent learning. However, she reflects on the current systems on Blackboard and Dashboard as having ‘gaps’ in data analysis, especially so with links involving the electronic marking system of Turnitin. Finally, she says that data has to be transparent and it should empower rather than enslave.


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Heather Conboy
ELT Coordinator
Directorate of Library and Learning Services
De Montfort University
T: +44 (0)116 257 7828
E: hconboy@dmu.ac.uk

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