2. UDL Support

The following support sessions are now available…

UDL & DMU Replay in Practice* Building on the online UDL Introduction (see below), this two hour session offers tips and practical advice for delivering UDL in your teaching.  It is delivered by the Academic Development Team and staff from the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT).  The latter will demonstrate DMU Replay – our new system for lecture capture – and offer tips and ideas for using technology to enhance current teaching practice.

NB  This course replaces ‘UDL in Practice’ and ‘UDL Workshop’ sessions.  Anyone who has attended these is exempt from attending this session.  See below for details of how you can access your personal DMU training record.

Update for Hourly-Paid Lecturers (HPL) – An agreement has been reached so that HPLs can be paid for attending this session.  Please contact your Faculty regarding arrangements for payment and staffdev@dmu.ac.uk to book a place on the course.

Updates on DMU Replay – the latest on DMU Replay is addressed in this course.  Those who attended the ‘UDL Workshop’ before July 2016 (and who did not attend their Faculty DMU Replay Roadshow) may find it useful to sign up to CELT’s ‘DMU Replay Introduction’ for the latest version of the implementation and policy news regarding DMU Replay.

* The UDL Introduction is a prerequisite for ‘UDL and DMU Replay in Practice’ and other UDL sessions and is an online briefing which takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. To access this resource in Blackboard, click here.  If you are already logged in, the link will take you direct to the UDL Introduction.  If you are not, then follow the log-in instructions then click on…

UDL Community>What is UDL?

A reminder regarding the UDL Introduction will be sent when you sign up to any UDL session by contacting staffdev@dmu.ac.uk.

The following sessions can be arranged depending on demand for course or programme teams. Please contact TES@dmu.ac.uk for details…

UDL in Modules* Addressing how UDL can be implemented in modules with particular emphasis on assessment. This is a one hour session
UDL in Programmes* Considering how modules can be linked to address UDL and other key DMU strategies. This is a one hour session

Colleagues at DMU can access further information and contribute suggestions on the UDL Blackboard community. Please log in to BlackBoard then click here

The list below shows the programme of open Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Sessions which are due in the near future. Please contact staffdev@dmu.ac.uk to register your interest.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

For details of UDL & DMU Replay in Practice see… http://www.dmu.ac.uk/dmu-staff/staff-development/classroom-based-learning.aspx


Other pages available include…

| UDL IntroductionUDL ExamplesUDL Community (DMU staff only) |

How to access your own training activities at DMU:

  1. Log onto Staff Portal
  2. Click on Personal tab
  3. Enter your Payslip Password and submit
  4. Click on Training