Work based Practice Nursing Learning and Teaching: Allison Brindley

This is an excellent evaluation of Alison’s professional development through taking the PGCert in HE at DMU.

Alison has enhanced her delivery of updating the work of Practice Nurses in doctors’ surgeries.

Through her participation in the PGCert in HE she has developed a more interactive style of pedagogy in her teaching. She has used Problem Based Learning to use the students’ experience, encouraging them to develop a more critical thinking approach to studying.

She evaluates her own pedagogic development in the preparation of materials and her assessment and feedback skills. Alison is mindful of the different learning styles and the difference in the academic skills of largely ‘practical’ nursing students. Therefore she would like to develop a more diverse approach to assessment.


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Allison Brindley
Lecturer in Practice Nursing
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
T: +44 (0)116 257 7126

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