The Webinar: Caroline Coles

The innovation, of using an ‘interactive on-line learning’ pedagogic approach to developing Postgraduate Research skills, is supported effectively by Caroline Coles in this presentation. She briefly outlines her pedagogic theory of the Bloom Taxonomy, Biggs, Kolb and Krathwold behind her initiative. Therefore she has developed a version of ‘blended learning’ for her Professional students.  With this she utilises the students experience from their professional work. The explanation of the ‘Interactive on-line Learning ‘and it’s enhancement of learning is supported by the student response. Substantive information is gained from online lectures and activities, which are then synthesised in the face to face sessions with tutors. It has proved effective as it offers a flexibility of learning for time poor students, as it engages through a lively digital media leading to cementing knowledge and understanding.  Caroline Coles also explains the positive work of teacher application with her IT support.  The positive response to these resources has led to the current development of the Webinar.


Caroline Coles Photo

Caroline Coles
Principal Lecturer
Business and Law
Leicester De Montfort Law School
De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, UK, LE1 9BH
T: +44 (0)116 257 7180

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