Millenium Generation: Lisa Wakefield

Lisa Wakefield discusses the different life experiences and perceptions of reality that current students have compared with those of the teachers. The rapid changes in technology and the impact of social media have affected the expectations of the ‘Now not Wow’ generation. She reflects on how this needs to be taken into account when designing course and assessments. The technology can be used to develop the ’Flipped Classroom’ concept, whereby the lecture is captured on video, allowing access when convenient, enabling a flexibility of learning. Then the face to face discussion of the material happens in university sessions.  Social media allows communication between students on aspects of group-work and assessment.  Feedback from tutors can be more instantaneous and oral on podcast as well as in writing.  She explains how, even in her area of accounting, appropriate technology can enhance student engagement in learning and improve assessment opportunities.


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Lisa Wakefield
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business and Law
De Montfort University
T: +44 (0)116 257 7805

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