DMU’s Define scheme provides a route to Higher Education Academy (HEA) for all academic staff with options tailored to an individual’s needs and workload:-

D1 Associate Fellowship  Enables you to focus on particular aspects of your practice.  D1 is particularly appropriate for colleagues new to teaching in the sector, those with a limited teaching load or those with limited time to gain recognition.
D2 Fellowship Addresses the full range of your practice including course design, assessment, learning environments and your own continuing professional development.
D3 Senior Fellowship Covers the full range of an academic’s practice expecting through engagement with all aspects.  In addition to scholarship, you are expected to demonstrate a sustained impact of your practice on the work of other academics.
D4 Principal Fellowship  As above but demonstrating the national and even international impact of your work.

If you are seeking recognition, D1 to D3 can be achieved through Define.  To find out more about Define – DMU’s route to recognition please see MyDevelopment VLE Community and or   Contact the TES team on |