3. UDL Examples

This page is being developed with examples of practice relevant to UDL from the LT2020 collection.  It will address each of the six UDL ideas that colleagues are expected to explore in order to introduce the concept to their modules…

  1. Are your teaching materials available online in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), in a modifiable format at least 48 hours before each teaching session?
  2. Do you signpost self-directed learning and refer to it in your sessions?
  3. Do you provide opportunities for active learning and knowledge checks?
  4. Are your students able to review, replay or revisit your teaching sessions in the VLE?
  5. Do your modes of assessment provide the opportunity for all students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding?
  6. Do your module VLE shells meet Enhanced Learning through Technology Thresholds?

Other pages available include…

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